Signature Steer Co. will provide the best beef experience ​for consumers everywhere.  Our passion is to add value to everyday beef eating.  We will be relentless in providing traceability, deliciousness, education, anecdote and whim.

Beef lovers are faced with many confusing options. Organic, Natural, Free From, NonGMO, Grass Fed, Hormone Antibiotic Free and Local are just a few categories consumers are challenged to understand. At Signature Steer we believe people primarily want to know where their beef came from. This is why we put the farmers signature​ on each package of beef.

Our simple bar code attached to all of our Butcher Prepared Meals (BPM) can be scanned by your smart phone.  The farmer’s name, address, where the animal was processed, breed, how the animal was fed, cooking and storage instructions and many interesting useful facts will instantly appear.  The bar code will define in great detail weather the beef is Organic, Natural, Free From, Non GMO, Grass Fed, Hormone Antibiotic Free.  Our signature ​of quality and value to you.  Our customer is also invited to call 807 355-7771 for further details and information.